Monday, 22 February 2010

Printers Galore

Just got an email back from Neil and he has recommended three printers to me that may be able to help with "the book".

Corvette Printing Ltd
FWB Printing Ltd
Dayfold Ltd

Great news and I will try to contact them during the week, but for the moment, too much blogging and not enough concepts and ideas!

Hmmm, I'll go and put the kettle on, always helps...

Unemployable Students?

An example of what type of candidate students are up against after graduation.

If other graduates can't turn up on time or even use a spell checker, maybe it won't be so hard for me to get a job after all! Reading this and acting on the advice from Emma (Aquent) has made me feel a little better about my own career prospects.

It's also good to know that making a strong impression really does work, but only if you don't arrive late every day after you've been offered the position.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Professional Project

I saw Luke had made up a handy little wall chart to help with his time planning and after giving him a Chinese burn, he decided that I could have a copy of it and I have now added the relevant details and time scales for my project.

I plan to print this and stick it on my studio wall at home. I want to be fairly strict but I know that things won't go exactly to plan so there is room for flexibility too.

And it all starts from tomorrow!

D&AD Update

I have come up with some really interesting ideas for D&AD during a brain storming session. I don't want to go into too much detail here as I'll go through it with Claire and Wen tomorrow after another intense session with Dr. Anna!

Some ideas for The Metro brief: The city is fast and tough, and if you can't take it, hard luck! The City is where it is all happening, and I think The Metro needs to reflect this and tap into it.

Who wouldn't read the Metro?
Who wishes they could read The Metro?
Always on the move - no time to waste.

It sounds lame now I've written it on here but I've got some strong ideas. I am hoping to convince my "team" tomorrow that we can use some of this, unless they have something better obviously!

Also got some good concepts for The Bodyshop Brief and Quaker packaging, but having just read back some of the Metro ideas, I'll leave them on the sketch pad for now!

Charles Saatchi

I was recently given this book and having nearly finished it, thought now was a good time to give a mini review!

If you're looking for how to run a multi-award winning ad agency, this isn't the book for you. Although it does go into a little detail on Charles Saatchi's previous career, it is more based on his current passion, Art.

The book is in a question and answer format that flows along nicely and you get the impression that Mr Saatchi doesn't take suffer fools but at the same time he is quite personable and I wouldn't mind spending an evening in his company! funny, to the point and an insight, albeit a small one, on a very intelligent and cultured man.

New Look Observer

The Observer has re-launched itself in its latest model this weekend. It is now a slimmed down 4 section Sunday newspaper, after deciding last year it needed to take action to reduce costs after the economic slowdown and reduction in readership.

Part of the reduction in readership is because most people are reading all the content online, at the moment free (although The New York Times is son to start a paying subscription service for online content). Given that the alternative was to close the newspaper, I'm pleased its chosen a slim lined version of itself, although I gave buying the paper around 2 years ago as I just think it lost its mojo! Not a very politically correct thing to say as The Guardian and Observer are supposed to read by those in the media and savvy designers, but I feel it became bland and weak! I do still take a look online during the week and I'm pleased to see it hasn't been totally re designed.

So its smaller and weaker, but a three legged dog is still a dog!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Professional Project

Yes! Finally after what seemed like a weeks banging my head against a brick wall and being inside a creative vacuum, I have thought of an idea for this unit.

I want to create and alternative guide to places that aren't the typical "10 places you must visit whilst in London/NYC/Paris".

Kit told me about Mr and Mrs and at first I thought, this isn't what I was thinking of! I was very close to changing my idea o a packaging project as I am really interested in packaging design, but later that day I got my hands on Sophie Calle's book "Double Game" which I thought was fantastic. A bit neurotic but the narrative made it so interesting that I was engrossed.

As a result I am going to borrow a small idea from Sophie Calle and follow people from Barcelona, taking photographs and see where they head fro lunch. It comes back to the Mr and Mrs thing, because its about people in the know. Who knows a city better than those who live and work there? This way, I figure, I will be able to find all the "best" places for lunch across the city with an unsolicited recommendation. I plan to follow people from different walks of life and from different areas of the city and build up an alternative "guide" book to the city.

Its a bit weird, a bit odd and I could get arrested, but its a nice idea for a project and I'm really excited by it.